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122 Tapper KIT

Optimized Surgical KIT for Tapered Fixture Reduces Seat Time with Proper Procedure at All Times Increases User Convenience as Cortical Drilling Is Not Required

Excellent Drilling Power

Maximizing drilling power (different drill design and excellent production technology that bypasses the middle level) drilling and provides smooth and fast drilling result

Prevention of Bone Warming

Excellent drilling power leads to skipped intermediate drilling and this prevents the bone from heating by maintaining a low drilling temperature

Preventing Drill from Tab

The multi-shape taper drill also functions as a pilot drill and this prevents splashing during drilling

123 Tapper KIT

The 123KIT reduces the number of conventional drilling sequences to one, normally double, in soft bone 3 times in bone and hard bone. Both patients and doctors can get a win-win by shortening It's time for implant surgery. 123Kit can also maximize convenience for users by integrating it. Drill sequences for TS, SS and US Fixtures.

Taper Ultra KIT

TS / GS fixture implant depth guide In case of normal or higher quality bone, it is recommended to implant 1 mm or less below bone level. In the case of soft bone, it is recommended to implant to meet the bone level to maintain anchor strength.


Narrow Space with 5mm Bone Width, Implant Solution Beyond Limitations MS implant narrow with 5mm bone width place it in the correct position in the field Guided surgery is possible in the area with a bone width of 5 mm Embed all features of MS, TSIII Ø3.0 fixture with OneMS KIT

Place MS Implant in Correct Position With 5mm Bone Width in Narrow Space;

Correctly place the Ø2.0 MS implant in the narrow 5 mm space
Bone width with OneGuide
For Implant Crown, place MS Narrow ridge in anterior mandibular area
Place the MS Prosthesis in the narrow bony area for implant overdenture
width (drill only)

OneGuide KIT

Designed to provide more accurate, efficient and safe surgery with minimal error and drill heating Keyless precision open guided surgical kit.

The keyless design allows easier drilling sequence and implant placement where patients have limited clearance. allowing the drill to be placed through the side window.

  • Keyless, open routing system.
  • Compatible with most intraoperative software systems.
  • Conical design drilling sequence.
  • Easier implant placement in the posterior region.
  • Less movement as the drills included in the kit minimize movement during the drilling process.
  • Less heat at the drill site. A side opening in OneGuide drills helps to reduce heat at the drill site. It facilitates the water supply by cooling the contact area to prevent
  • Shorter drilling steps. Drilling steps are performed using different techniques according to bone density. 122 concepts were adopted and significantly shortened.

Precision surgery with undisturbed piercing

First sounding:

Intelligent design allowing the parallel part of the drill to be in the stent to pre-contact bone up to 3mm

Sounding backwards:

Thanks to the conical drill, the drill is always in contact with the guide area, providing precise drilling.


The ESSET KIT is a tool developed over the course of 1 0 years, evolving from the modified ridge split technique that was developed in 2002 by Dr. B.H. Suh in an attempt to resolve the issue of insufficient horizontal bone volume, without using the bone grafting procedure, by considering the visco-elastic properties of the bone tissues and the elasticity coefficient of the alveolar bone. The ESSET technique can shorten the healing time using the 4-wall defect to secure a sufficient stem cell source, and does not require additional bone graft or membrane. Also, fixture implant placement ensures high initial stability of the implant for immediate loading. It is a safe and simple procedure that anyone can perform.

  • Safe expansion without breaking the Buccal plate
  • Ridge splitting without Malletting
  • Capable of securing strong initial stability at Ridge Split operations, that allows immediate loading
  • Curing time is decreased thanks to 4 wall defect
  • Possible to place Ø4.0, Ø4.5 fixtures even in narrow ridges

OssBuilder KIT


The Denture 4U Kit helps you position implants in planned angles (straight, 17 degrees or 30 degrees ) for your Locator OverDenture or fixed, full-mouth rehabilitation cases. Denture 4U Kit includes guides and drills that helps positioning of the drill of up to Ø2.0 for the anterior region and up to Ø3.0 for the posterior region for your Locator OverDentures or fixed, full-mouth rehabilitation cases.


• More Security with the Initial Osteotomy
• Transparent material indicates the location and direction of drilling
• Initial Twist Drill, Guide Bushes, Bridge Guides (Fan and Compass)
• Aids in proper placement of initial drills
• Guide Bushes provide automatic parallelism
• Bridge Guides help with spacing in multiple cases
• Gives clinicians proper path to begin their surgical procedure
• No CBCT scan necessary
• Denture Guide provides initial path for edentulous cases