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TS Implant Systems

The TS Implant System is the most popular implant used by implantologists. Every medical case can benefit from a short and minimally invasive treatment that is reasonably priced and very predictable when choosing from a wide variety of implant prostheses.

TS implants not only stand out due to their excellent design with an effective corkscrew thread, self-tapping feature and double thread, but also support a sustainable primary stability.

Our TS system features a morse taper connection that provides a superior connection between implant and abutment. There are no micro-voids; Bacterial entry and associated bone loss are prevented.

The platform switching feature and the ingenious bur concept of the Taper Surgical Kit ensure long-term success for stabilizing hard and soft tissue. Based on the TS System's wide range of prosthetic components, any surgery can be performed with excellent aesthetic results.

The TSIII SA implant has been developed by Osstem Implant with cutting-edge research and development. This is the ultimate implant in any case as it uses a simple surgical procedure. The prominent SA surface allows rapid osseointegration, resulting in a faster recovery time.


Implant that performs especially in weak bone

  • Small Thread: Increased initial stability in soft bone
  • sandblasted acid etching
  • helical cutting edge
  • Corkscrew Thread:
  • Increased taper for improved initial stability
  • Ø 4,0 : 0,8 Ø 4,5 : 1,0 Ø 5,0 : 1,2
  • Sharp and rounded tip
  • Increased taper for improved initial stability.
  • High success rate even with low bone quality.
  • Specially developed for maxilla and soft bones.
  • Improved initial stability with helix application
  • The cutting, corkscrew thread and sharp rounded tip allow the implant to be placed with minimal drilling.
  • Submerged implant with Morse taper internal hexagonal connection.
  • Excellent self-tapping property.
  • Recommended insertion torque: below 40Ncm.


The optimum design achieves high initial stability at any bone density. Its wide range of sizes makes it the perfect implant for any patient.

  • Morse taper and internal hex connection
  • Platform Switching to preserve bone
  • Manufactured using Grade C4 pure Titanium
  • SA Surface that enhances biological recovery
  • Self-tapping and aggressive teeth
  • Conical design to provide excellent mechanical stability

TSIII SA fixture

The TSIII SA fixture has two types of abutment connections for a simple restorative procedure. A Mini-Link is used for Ø3.0 and Ø3.5 implants. Normal Connections are used for all other implants (Ø4.0, Ø4.5, Ø5.0, Ø6.0 and Ø7.0). Mini Links are highlighted in yellow below. In contrast, the Normal Connection can be used for luminaires with the same abutment 4.0 and larger, regardless of the diameter of the abutment. These are highlighted in green below.

TSIII Ultra-wide

Fixture only: Fixture product code (example : TS3S6010S) Pre-Mounted Fixture (Simple mount) M + Fixture product code (example : MTS3S6010S)

OSSTEM IMPLANT TSIII System Surgical Procedure (Taper Kit and Straight Drill Kit)

MS Implant Systems

The MS Implant System is specifically designed for narrow crest application. The MS System contains small, one-piece implants. Implants can be inserted into the bone and usually loaded immediately after insertion into the lower jaw. The orientation of the implant can be corrected during insertion, giving the MS Implant System a very high success rate.

NarrowMS Implant Narrow Ridge is designed for a narrow back such as the lower anterior region. The optimized design and size of the abutment allows dentures to be created without cutting. The perfect design of the implant, thread and drill leads to improved initial stability and better bone penetration. The high-quality RBM surface guarantees rapid osseointegration.

Denture Prosthetic Type Implants are for edentulous patients where a narrow protruding or standard implant is not possible. The micro thread in the upper distributes the chewing pressure throughout the bone structure, making it suitable for immediate prosthesis insertion. The holder and laboratory analog allow easy and convenient prosthetic fabrication.

ProvisionalMS Implant Provisional is designed for emergency temporary prosthesis in partially and completely edentulous patients. The neck is specially formed to compensate for deflection and provides stable assistance. The system allows easy fabrication of temporary prostheses with a titanium temporary cap and laboratory analogue. The perfect design of the implant, thread and drill leads to improved initial stability and better bone penetration.

US Implant Systems

US II is a standard dental implant manufactured by Osstem Implant Company. Its connection is external, hexagonal and has none. An implant at the bone level. His head is wide. Its body is straight with v-shaped threads. The tip has a flat shape, is smooth and fluted. Made of cp titanium. Available in 7 different diameters and 7 different lengths. Available on 3 different platforms. Requires a hexagonal screwdriver. Please refer to the catalog for more details. Osstem Implant Company also offers 23 other implant models.

SS Implant Systems

Developed with Osstem Implant's extensive R&D experience, the SS SA implant has a SA surface treatment that fully exploits the excellent multipotential capacity of osteoblastic cells. It shortens the bone healing time and improves the secondary bond strength. Non-submerged type implant based on one-stage surgical procedure Stable connection structure of internal octa and morse taper connection Can facilitate placement and achieve superior bond stability, applicable to various bone qualities Osstem SA surface morphology and roughness are increased by 45% compared to RBM treatment