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The Crestal Approach Sinus Kit (CAS-KIT) can easily and safely seal the membrane in the maxillary sinus with a capillary approach. It is specially designed to remove The unique design of the CAS Drill is the core of the CAS Kit. is a feature. With its unique drill shape, it uses a conical shaped bone chip to safely lift the membrane. The crestal approach has increased the comfort and safety of sinus surgery. CAS Drill also It provides precise drilling, smooth and stable insertion, easy path correction and septum surgery.

Keyless precision open guided sinus lift surgery kit. It is designed to provide more accurate, efficient and safe surgery with minimal drilling.

Our innovative OneCAS Kit combines the advantages of our Crestal Approach Sinus (CAS) Kit with our OneGuide Surgical Kit. offers you an effective solution for guided sinus lift surgery.

The OneCAS Kit provides sinus lift preparation as planned using your preferred computer software. It provides a predictable and safer way to perform accurately.

First kit of its kind

Combining OneGuide's computer-planned guided surgery system with our unique CAS drill, presents advanced surgical techniques in one easy-to-use set.

Easy to use

Simple sequence provides easy and comfortable surgery.


With all intraoperative software systems.

More precise

Determine the length, position and angle of the implant before performing sinus lift surgery.

No errors

Factory surgical template provides more accurate drilling and safer implantation.


CAS Kit drill allows sinus lift to be performed without piercing the sinus membrane


Lateral Approach Sinus KIT (LAS-KIT) for a quick and safe lateral approach to lift the sinus membrane specially designed.

Placement of dental implants in the posterior maxilla, reduced bone due to the presence of sinus It can be a particularly challenging surgical procedure due to its height. Hiossen® Implant's Lateral Approach Sinus Kit, or LAS-Kit, to aid in sinus bone augmentation Designed for safe sinus lifting.


  • Easy to use kit – to minimize the number of steps involved in sinus lift technique designed.
  • Extremely versatile drill design – suitable for use on flat, curved or over septum sinus floors allows.
  • Reduction in total chair time, complications and patient discomfort.
  • Adaptive – LAS drills 400 to 800, allowing it to adapt to several different bone densities It can be drilled between rpm.

LAS KIT Features

  • Dome and core drills – to create a lateral window to lift the sinus membrane.
  • Domed drill – creates a bone cap, minimizing direct contact with the membrane.
  • Core drill – round-shaped cutting edge minimizes direct contact with the membrane.
  • Wide dome drill and sidewall drill – used to enlarge the window made with dome and core drills.
  • Exceptional cutting ability – with a combination of three macro blades and several micro blades, these drills are designed to push bone material against the sinus membrane, helping to lift the sinus membrane.
  • Stopper system – provides more precise control over drill depth with 6 different lengths of stoppers to prevent over-drilling and soft tissue damage.
  • Flexible – LAS-KIT offers a variety of use options depending on oral anatomy and surgical plans.


The Sinus Kit, which can be purchased separately, includes the various tools required for the maxillary sinus membrane elevation and grafting procedure, and the sinus procedure for the lateral approach.


Osstem's CAS-KIT (Crestal Approach Sinus Kit) is an implant system-independent drill kit for the internal sinus lift and is optimally matched to all common implant systems. It is specifically designed for easy and safe internal sinus lift through a crestal approach. The special feature of the instruments lies in the drill design. The atraumatic design of the drill tips allows the user to carry out a safe sinus floor elevation without perforating the Schneiderian membrane with a flat and curved sinus floor and a septum in the maxillary sinus. The cutting edges curved inwards form a conical bone cover, from which additional bone chips are obtained and shifted cranially and the membrane is automatically lifted. The unique drill stop system prevents drilling too deep into the maxillary sinus. After the preparation of the implant site with CAS drills and their stops, the Schneiderian membrane is lifted safely, gently and easily using a hydraulic lifter. Osstem's CAS-KIT offers a minimally invasive sinus lift with a high level of safety.