S MARTbuilderTM is the material to stimulate periodontal tissue regeneration and is non-absorbable membrane made of customized titanium material in order to stimulate bone augmentation after bone transplantation at the area having autogenous bone deficiency in the oral cavity.

SMART 3D Design 3-Dimension pre-formed design minimizes the exposure of soft tissue caused by wrinkling or folding in bending process.

SMART Use Trimming or bending is not required and removal is convenient without tissue damage because there is no obstacle.

SMART Conduction Optimum pores for blood supply guides excellent bone formation. SMART Covering Round design and adequate rigidity provides high durability against bite force and minimizes the leakage of bone material. SMART Healing Good anchoring and low mobility after surgery, SMARTbuilder has a good function for barrier membrane during bone regeneration.