TS Implant Systems

The TS implants not only stick out because of their excellent design with an efficient corkscrew thread and a self-tapping abilities and dual thread, they also support a sustainable primary stability.

Our TS system has a morse taper connection (11 °), providing a superior connection between the implant and the abutment. There is no space for micro gaps; the entry of bacteria and the resulting bone loss get prevented.

The feature of the platform switch and the ingenious drill concept of the Taper KIT guarantee a long term success for the stabilization of the hard and soft tissue. Every medical care can be formed individually and aesthetically, based on the wide range of prosthetic components for the TS System.

If the TS Implant System will be used with the optimal treatment steps, every patient can benefit of a short and minimally invasive treatment, which additionally comes with a reasonable price and a good predictability on the classical implant prosthetics.